My boosom
in Florence

Let me think about this new development…the relationship between you and entropy and the universe
in Florence

It tastes like my grandma’s butt.
talking about the strongest Long Island Iced Tea ever in Florence

No, I will not have any libertarians in my boob.

my boobs love taxes
on having her boobs be named after political figures, and rejecting the republican names

at synergy/theta chi

I know I shouldn’t make decisions right now because I’m drunk. I’m rational enough to know that I’m so drunk that I’m irrational. Whoa…that was totally postmodern…
this is what PWR class does to her

Is that a cup of ray-men?
she meant ramen, lol

How did he know the person was a bitch? Maybe he was a bitch-MAN.

I’m more drunk than I was apparent of…aware of.